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The Boss's Wife Ch. 04

Chapter 4

More Adventures for this Slut

Having gone through the mall and park experience I wasn't sure what she would do next. I would never have believed she was capable of doing what she already had. This is a true story and its mine.

We drove straight to the hotel from the park. She was so wired she was shaking and talking a mile a minute as she took off her clothes and started the shower.

"That was so fucking incredible. I have never squirted that much in my life and from a set of fingers yet. Look at me! I'm nothing more than an oversexed slut whore. All I can think about right now is what sex act will I to do next. I want more and then more -- I'm like an addict! What have you done to me? "

"All I did was give you the space and permission to be who and what you really wanted to be, to live out whatever sexual fantasies you have been hiding your entire life. You know I don't pass judgment on you or what you chose to do. So I guess that means you feel safe enough and believe I will not let anything bad happen."

She stopped and stared at me with her tits sticking out, her nipples hard as rocks, her pussy leaking, her entire body flushed and her hands on her hips -- almost defiant and oblivious to her sexual arousal.

"I started this little seduction for a little action on the side because I found you sexy as hell. I also wanted to make sure you stayed happy and at work. You have become very key to the success of the company. But you are way more clever than I thought and you got to know me better than I do. You just allowed me to be me and played me like a fiddle. You orchestrated every step brilliantly by leading me down the path of my desires right into my own deprivation. No pressure. I will owe you big for that because I am happier now, being the total slut that I was today, than I have been in a very long time. I can't wait to see what's next and find out how far I am really willing to go. But now I need to clean up."

While she was in the shower I took the opportunity to duplicate the SIM card in the camera just in case things didn't go as planned at home. I noticed I took 595 pictures.

She came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel with her hair still wet. Gail threw the towel on the floor, crawled into bed and was asleep before I realized what she was doing. She was out like a light. I read a little and crawled in beside her. Long and very successful day -- very successful. It didn't take long for me either.

The next morning we packed up and loaded the car. We had a long drive back and I wanted to get an early start in case we wanted to make some "stops" along the way. Gail was wearing a grey summer dress that buttoned up the front -- not that it mattered. The top two buttons and the bottom three weren't in use. And there was no doubt she had absolutely nothing else on. When she walked to the car everything moved or swayed. What a fucking body she had! And anyone that was in view stopped and stared. She was in her glory -- her nipples were as hard as rocks and pointed the way.

We got up on the freeway and drove about 35 minutes when she announced she needed to use the ladies room. I checked the gas and decided it was a good time to fill up as well. I noticed a sign for a truck stop and pulled off the freeway and pulled into the gas pump lane. Gail got out and manned the pump letting her dress blow in the breeze. There was enough wind to release all but the one in the middle which seemed to be stuck. It didn't seem to bother her that each time the wind picked up her dress was blowing away from her body completely and showing everything she had -- I think she enjoyed giving everyone the show. I got some fabulous pictures of the dress horizontal in the breeze and her tits and pussy showing.

When she was done she went off toward the building. I decided to move the car over to the truck parking area to wait. I noticed there were about ten trucks parked but the drivers were not in the cabs. Between the walking and the wind her dress stayed completely open most of the time exposing her long legs up to her shaved pussy and her tits bouncing in rhythm to her walk. Her nipples stuck out like headlights. I got several pictures of her as she made her way to the ladies room. She was a natural exhibitionist. The drivers watched Gail's show with a great deal of interest as well through the window of the coffee shop. Cat calls, whistles and hoots came from the truck drivers. I walked in to pay for the fuel and struck up a conversation with a couple of them.

"You are one lucky fuck -- you know that buddy" one of the drivers said. I just smiled and nodded.

Another chimed in "is she that good in bed too?"

"Better and not just in bed" I responded. "She is into exhibitionism and sometimes more and I never know what will happen if she really gets turned on. Really give her some attention and encouragement. No promises, but you could get a lot more than just a look."

"With that body I sure would like a try at making her smile" said one of the drivers who had to weigh in at 295 pounds "or better yet scream in pleasure!"

"Your dick isn't big enough Starky" offered another driver which garnered more jabs and insults until Gail came out from the ladies room. Instantly there was dead silence. There she was -- dress in hand and completely naked.

"Hi boys -- I couldn't help but hear some of your comments."

"You are one fine lookin' woman darlin!"

"Why thank you sir!"

"I bet you get told that a bunch."

"I guess I get my share."

"I sure like your look!"

"Well boys what's it gonna be? I showed you mine now it's your turn!"

"Follow us honey" said Starkey "and we'll show you what you want."

I could tell she was ready. Her neck was flushed and she had that look she gets when she really, really wants to get fucked hard. I wasn't sure she knew what she would get if she went down that road but I was there to prevent it from getting out of hand. She set the rules early.

"Here is how it goes. I get to touch and so do you. Maybe play a little or a little head to get off. But nobody gets to fuck me. That's reserved for the cameraman!"

"Follow us honey" said Starkey "and we'll give you what you want."

I stayed at the back so I could take pictures as she walked into the shower room and these guys shucked their clothes. Most of them were pretty fat. Starkey came up to Gail first.

"Here," he said. "I saved this one for you"

Gail reached out and grabbed his dick and looked around at the other six with dropped shorts. Most were average size but one of them looked overly large. She smiled at him and told him he was going to be last.

She slowly started to jack off Starkey but decided otherwise and sunk to her knees. After a couple more strokes to get him harder she took him into her mouth. Slowly she licked and sucked and tickled and licked. Up and down the shaft from one end to the other.

"Holly shit can she give great head!" Starkey was in heaven.

She slowly, ever so slowly took more and more of him into her mouth and then at the end into her throat. In and out, up and down his dick with her tongue lavishing attention from underneath. The pictures I got were amazingly erotic. She was literally worshipping his cock.

The other guys gathered around with their cocks pointing at her face. She grabbed two more and started jacking them off as she continued swallowing Starkey's dick. He didn't last much longer and groaned as he unloaded into Gail's mouth. She opened her lips slightly and let most of his spunk spill out around her mouth and down her chest. She was looking at the camera at the same time. She winked and I got the shots.

Starkey backed away and another took his place. About that time one of the guys she was jacking off came all over her tits which sent the other one over the top as well. He shot his load in her face and hair. Three down and seven to go and I was getting it all on the camera. I had pictures of her with a cock in her mouth and two more being jacked off while four waited with their dicks in their hands. I took a close-up of her pussy which was opened like a tulip and red as could be. It looked like it was dripping. Hot. Damn hot!

After the second guy came in her mouth and she swallowed it all is when the fun got a little crazy. Gail was so aroused she was in another world -- totally concentrating on filling her sexual pursuit. There was no question she had ramped up to her special place -- where only the sex mattered -- nothing else. At that point anything could have happened and a lot did. She sucked all of them off swallowing their cum. She was like a machine and they seemed to have perpetual hardons. Finally she started to take on the seventh guy with a blowjob to his enormous prick. She had problems getting her mouth around it. I could tell she was getting tired.

"Hold on a minute, mate. Let's make her comfortable!"

Two of the guys picked her up and laid her on the dressing bench with her legs spread on either side. Big dick stuck himself back in her mouth from above as she strained her head back to get as much of him down her throat as she could. It being his turn again, Starkey kneeled between her legs and started licking her soaked pussy. Four of the others started pinching her nipples and mauling her tits. They tag-teamed her -- each taking their turn at licking her pussy. She was moaning and squirming begging to get off. They had her to where her legs were shaking out of control. I knew that place and it was all I could do to keep taking the pictures and not join in.

When it was Starkey's turn again he stuck two fingers in her pussy and nibbled on her clit. After all of the head she had gotten that was all it took for Gail. She squirted all over Starkey's face. He kept right on nibbling and fingering. She kept right on squirting. Big dick came in her mouth at almost the same time and she almost choked to death between the large amount of cum and her orgasm. I got that all on film with the time lapse setting including her squirt, big dick's incredible cumming and her swallowing it all.

When one of the guys positioned himself to fuck her I stopped the festivities. She was in no condition to take on all seven of them voluntarily and I wouldn't want to take them on in a fight. Much to my relief, they backed off.

"Enough for today guys." Was all I could seem to muster as they pulled away and started getting dressed. But I couldn't just let her stay in that condition. Someone had to finish her off. I stopped Starkey and asked if he knew how to work my camera.

"Sure -- I used to do professional photography but trucking is better pay" as he carefully and professionally reviewed the camera. "This is quite a rig. I'm ready -- you want some of you two getting it on?"

"That's the idea!"

"Cool -- never did that before. Can I get copies?"

"Sure if its ok with her."

"Have at it dude!"

I dropped my pants to free my already hard dick and kneeled on the bench. Gail spread herself wide open by lifting her knees up to her chest. I plunged right into that sopping pussy and she squirted again. All I could hear was the clicking of the camera, the sloshing noise of my cock pistoning her, and the slapping of our bodies together. I just pounded away with everything I had and the harder I did it the more she encouraged me. She came once more. My dick totally slimed, I pulled out and jammed it into her ass. She squirted again all over my stomach and chest. More pictures and more deep thrusts into her ass. She was screaming in passion and I could hear the guys cheering me on.

One by one the guys started jerking off near her head. Each in their time shot their loads on her face and in her hair. I even got some on me.

"Oh fuck -- fuck -- that's it -- fuck my ass. Use me ,,, harder.. harder... come give it to the whore -- give me your cum. Come on come on."

And I did -- as hard and as fast as I could. I finally shoved it all the way in and came in her ass. She squirted me again. I have no idea where she got all of it.

"Fuckin amazing man" I heard Starkey say.

I turned to see that the other six guys were also there looking at Gail in amazement. Their dicks were still raging hard. The spell broke and all they could do was clap. Gail smiled. They slowly gathered their belongings and got dressed.

I stood up, grabbed a nearby towel, wiped myself off, pulled up my pants and retrieved the camera.

"Thanks man -- give me an email and I'll send you the pixs if it's ok with her. If not I'll send you the ones I can."

Starkey reached in his pocket and pulled out a business card and handed it to me.

"It's all there man, thanks for the show and the blowjobs. You were right, she is fuckin' amazing!"

They all turned and left. I noticed Starkey was manipulating the large hardon in his pants to get comfortable. I checked the previews and the guy was really good -- he had some fabulous shots of me with my dick halfway in her ass and her legs wrapped around my waste. I retrieved a warm wet towel and another dry one and started cleaning up Gail's face and body. She finally calmed down enough to speak. She was hoarse.

"Hey -- that was amazing but I'm not sure about what happened entirely. I kinda got lost in it someplace. I know I came like crazy and remember that big hunk of dick I tried to swallow. I know you fucked me the rest of the way to oblivion, but most of it is a blur. How many guys watched us? How many did I do? What the fuck did I do?"

"You were incredible and they all watched and helped you do your thing but I was the only one who fucked you. They actually were pretty cool. I'll show you when we get home."

"I really am some kind of whore aren't I? What kind of normal woman would let that happen?"

"Clearly you are one of them but I don't think it's about being a whore. There is a difference between getting paid for it and doing it because you really, really enjoy it. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't do it just for money. Besides, gang-bangs have been around for a long time in the lifestyle."

"Really? You mean that happens at swingers clubs? Wow! That I have to see! Let me grab a quick rinse and we can start home. I'll need a month to recover."

Very slowly she sat up.

"I don't feel too good!"

"Take your time, we aren't in any hurry!"

"Oh shit" she said and barfed all over the floor. There was no question what it was. It was milky white and globular. I took some pictures of her bent over the pile of cum.

After a couple of minutes she sat up and, with some difficulty, stood on shaky legs. Very slowly she managed to get herself into the showers and let the hot water run over her for a very long time. I took pictures of that too including one with the sign in the shower advertising a men's shaving cream and one saying "MEN ONLY ADMITTED TO SHOWER AREA".

What next? I couldn't have imagined.

The Boss's Wife Ch. 03

Chapter 3

Public Flashing and More

I would never have believed she was that sexual and uninhibited. She even surprised herself at how much of a slut she could be. This is a true story and its mine.


When we arrived at the City Mall I noticed how well lighted it was. The camera was capable of low light high resolution captures so I pocketed the flash. I had no intentions of attracting too much attention and make Gail scrap the idea. She was a little nervous so I stroked her arm as we entered the back entrance on the ground floor. Considering the time of day, there weren't too many people walking around. That was a good thing. It seemed to buck her up some.

"Not too many people. That makes me feel a little better. I have to admit I'm a little nervous and a lot excited by the prospect of what we're here to do. Do you think this outfit is too revealing?"

I'm not sure I would call it revealing -- more like nothing at all. She had on a short, pleated skirt, which when she bent over exposed everything she had - entirely. To finish off her look she had put on a pair of sandals and a cut-off T shirt that exposed her flat stomach to below her navel. Over it all she had on a knee length lightweight rain coat. When she opened the coat and slipped it off her shoulders, her hard nipples were clearly visible. I noticed her neck was a little flushed and I could tell she was breathing a little hard.

"I don't know," I said. I leaned in close to her rubbing my hand on her ass. "But, you're the hottest thing I've ever seen. Let's get some pictures." All she did was smile, hand me the coat and walk off.

I followed her at a discrete distance. She would bend over at various locations, exposing her ass and pussy. I got the pictures. Each time she did it I could tell she was getting more and more excited at secretly exhibiting herself that way. The pictures showed her pussy was getting a little redder and I could make out with the close-ups that she was very, very wet. Her labia were glistening and there appeared to be some moisture running down her thighs in a small rivulet. Then she started to really get into it as she paraded down the passages. She bent, she squatted, she stooped, and she stretched. I got it all.

Over by the Sears store is a sitting area. I motioned for her to head over there. I sat on one of the benches and she squatted down in front of me, as if she was going to pick something up off the floor. She looked right at my camera and spread her thighs, her glistening pussy open on full display like a tulip, and I just clicked away. She stood up and lifting her arms allowed the cut-off T shirt to rise, exposing the bottoms of her tits. The T-shirt did nothing to hide her rock hard nipples that stood straight out under the shirt. She turned around slowly and lifted her arms again only this time she bent over exposing her naked ass and pussy. She was shaking with the excitement. I kept clicking away. Then she adjusted her shoulders around with one arm raised exposing her tit entirely and smiled at the camera. I got that one too.

"How you doing?" I asked more curious than I could have imagined.

"This is fucking unbelievable. I'm wetter than when I get out of a shower and I must admit, you were right about me. I really get off on the exhibitionism. Let's go outside."

As I guided her through the doors people gawked, women twittered and men smiled and she loved it all. She knew how incredibly wanton she looked and flaunted it for all it was worth. We walked out to the parking lot and up to the car. I took pictures as she bent over to open the trunk, her legs slightly spread and her ass fully exposed. In those pictures there was no question of the moisture covering the inside of her thighs. She opened the passenger door, and she leaned inside, lifting a leg, her pussy partly agape. Then she backed out of the car and sat down spreading her legs wide to keep her balance.

I walked up to her putting my crotch right in her face. She quickly looked around, unzipped my pants, and pulled my hard dick out. As I focused the camera down on her, she looked up and smiled as she wrapped her hands around it. The camera clicked, and clicked again as she opened her mouth and pulled me in as far as she could take me. She moaned as she sucked my cock, and, holding my hips in her hands, pushed my dick down her throat. She gagged, backed off a little, and the rammed it home again, over and over. I was getting too close so I pulled her head off of my cock leaving a stream of saliva hanging between my dick and her mouth and pushed her backwards into the back seat. I took a series of pictures as she put her hands to her slick pussy and pulled the lips apart. But I couldn't take it any more. Balancing the camera so as not to miss anything, I pushed myself between her legs and drove my dick home in one lunge.

"Oh yesssss. That's my bad boy. Come fuck your slut here. Fuck me real good so people know what kind of a wench I am."

I pounded away right through the fly of my pants. It wasn't long before she orgasmed, moaning, shaking her legs and grinding her pelvis into my constant penetrations. She came again, and then again, as she fucked me in the front seat of the car, in a mall parking lot, in broad daylight, on film and with two guys watching.

"I'm gonna come!" I almost shouted it.

She laid there with her legs quivering as I squirted deep inside her. We just stayed in that position for what seemed like an hour. I pulled out of her and she lay there, legs splayed, a line of white goo oozing from her gaping pussy. I got that picture too.

"That was fantastic," she said as she tried to regain her breath and her composure. "I have to admit it was the hottest fuck I ever had. And the incredible orgasm. I can't believe how powerful it was. I'm still a little shaky!"

She finally crawled out of the car and covered herself with the coat. As she turned around she flashed a smile at the two guys and took a little curtsy. Then she stared at me for some time and then slowly climbed into the car and closed the door. I could tell by her face and her posture she was trying to fathom what she had just done and come to grips with how much she liked it. As I came around and climbed in, I noticed she was very quiet. Then, like a light switch going on, she turned to me, the excitement in her eyes unmistakable.

"I can't believe how much I got off on that. I absolutely loved it, especially the part where the two guys were watching. Is that really me?"

I'm not sure she was looking for an answer but I gave her one anyway.


"I knew I was sexual. I always thought I bordered on being a nymphomaniac because I really love to fuck. But this? Not in my craziest moments, even in college, would I consider fucking someone in broad daylight, in a parking lot of a mall, for anyone to watch and love every minute of it. Not in my wildest dreams! What's next?"

"How far do you want to go with this? Do you want more exposure or more sex or both? I'm sure we could find some willing players on short notice!"

"I have another outfit. Let's go somewhere I can change and show off a little more of me. Then we'll see where it goes from there! The way I feel right now -- I'm game for almost anything!"

There was this town park not to far from the shopping center so I headed over there. I found the restrooms pretty easily and parked in front of them. Gail took a bag from the back and walked into the ladies room to change,

I surveyed the park. There were pathways leading in every direction, with benches every so often. Perfect.

When Gail came out, she was wearing a bright blue, skin-tight mini skirt that only came down about six inches below her crotch and had a slit on the right side up almost to her waist, a pair of 3" high heels and a loose, semi-transparent white blouse, unbuttoned half way. Her nipples were easily seen through the blouse, her tits bounced nicely as she walked and she would expose both of them if she bent even slightly. Man did she look hot!

"So what do you think -- exhibiting enough?

"Hot -- just fucking hot!"

"I'm glad you like. Let's take a walk."

The park was almost entirely empty except for the small playground area near the parking area. A path went entirely around the central grassed area where there were some teenagers playing Frisbee. A couple was walking their dog and there were three or four people casually sitting on the benches reading newspapers and enjoying the warm sun. I could tell Gail was getting aroused because she would flick the edge of her mini-skirt as she walked showing off the bottom of her ass. I snapped a picture and she turned and smiled at the sound of the camera. With an even larger grin she lifted the front of the skirt exposing her pussy and posed. I snapped a few more including one which she bent over as well and exposed her left nipple. I could see the lust in her eyes and she was getting hotter by the minute. I planned on taking advantage of it fully. I just wasn't sure how, where or when.

We stopped at a section of path toward the back of the park where there was a man sitting alone on a bench reading a newspaper. He was maybe 45, and he looked like he kept himself in good shape. He was wearing shorts, a T shirt and sandals.

"Mind if we share?" I asked. He looked up and took a double take at Gail. As he looked up his mouth opened as he starred at her tits and hard nipples showing through the transparent blouse. Gail just smiled at him. He stammered his agreement never taking his eyes off her.

"Thanks" she said and sat down on the bench directly across from him. She bent over to fix her heels and he got a full view of her tits which were then hanging free and totally exposed. I took a picture which showed the look of amazement on the guys face with Gail's amazing tits in the background.

She lifted her skirt as she reposition her legs, and I got pictures of her naked ass and exposed pussy as her legs spread to allow them to cross. Smiling at him, she unbuttoned her blouse, holding it open, while I got the pictures of her exposing herself.

"Good morning," I said cheerfully. "Hey, would you mind if I took some pictures of you and my girlfriend?"

"Well, um, um no, no I suppose not," he stammered.

"Come on over here, honey," I said. Gail smiled at me, got up and walked the few steps to the bench, and sat beside the man. As she passed me she whispered "Girlfriend? Honey?" As she sat she slowly opened her legs and pulled her skirt most of the way up her thighs.

I moved across the path to the bench that Gail had just been on. Gail unbuttoned the button on her blouse again, holding it open for me while the man just starred with his mouth open slightly. I guess he couldn't take it any longer, and with some trepidation he reached over and cupped her tits squeezing them gently. Gail smiled at him, closed her eyes and moaned, and when the man rolled her erect nipples with his fingers she let out a long and loud sigh.

"Shit that feels great!" she offered. . "Raise your skirt, Gail," I said. She pulled her skirt up around her waist. The man's hand never left the attention it was giving Gail. The other hand, however, stroked her thigh. He was getting adventurous as Gail was offering no resistance. He rubbed the inside of her thigh up and down each time getting closer and closer to Gail's pussy. There was no doubt she was in heat now. Her breathing had gone ragged and her head was thrown back -- moans escaped her lips. She could resist no more. She parted her thighs as wide as she could and brought the heals of her shoes up onto the edge of the bench and her knees to her waist. His hand went directly to her sopping wet pussy. Two fingers found their way in and one found her clit. That was all it took. She squirted all over the man's hand as my camera clicked away.

"She leaned over and gave the guy a big kiss. "That was just wonderful. Thank you very much." She looked down at the man's shorts and saw the telltale bulge.

"Did I give you a hardon? I am so sorry! Here let me help you with that!"

Gail was obviously still in her sex euphoric zone. She reached over, pulled down the man's shorts exposing his cock and she bent over it. With no hesitation, her mouth went over the head of it and she sucked and stroked this total stranger's dick. My camera captured it all.

This was better than I had hoped. This was all new territory - far beyond just the two of us. I had enough pictures of her in one kind of sex act or another to last me a decade. I wondered how far she would go.

"Get her hair out of the way," I said.

The man pulled Gail's hair away from her face, giving me a clear view of her face and mouth as she loudly and excitedly sucked the man off. Another man came down the path and stopped to watch. He watched intently as the practically nude Gail sucked one man's cock as I took pictures. He looked at me and smiled -- I smiled back.

"Nice! Did you train her to be your slave or did she come that way?" I noticed it hadn't taken long for the man to get an erection and, based on the bulge, a rather large one at that.

"Both - so you better join in soon. I don't know how long she can last at this pace!"

He walked over and stood in front of Gail and pulled his enormous cock out. When she saw it she pumped the man's cock in her mouth with one hand and reached for the second cock with the other. When the guy spurted into her mouth she immediately switched cocks, sucking and stroking the second one stretching her mouth to the limit to get him in. She was going wild with lust. I knew that look. With an audible squirting sound, Gail's cheeks bulged and cum spurted out of her mouth, running down the shaft of the cock as she tried to swallow as much as she could. Her mouth was just not big enough to handle the size of his dick and the volume. She couldn't swallow fast enough. The guys cum came squirting out of her mouth and all over the walkway. I took that amazing picture of airborne spunk and Gail's mouth around his cock.

She looked up at me and I knew it was time to call it quits for now.

"Come on -- let's get going -- we'll be late!"

She quickly gathered herself, stood on shaky legs with a little help, and waived to the two guys as I got her to the car.

"Oh my god," she cried, "Did I just do what I think I did? I'm such a slut, a goddamned slut. It was great!"

I got her settled in the passenger seat and let her button only the bottom button of her blouse, leaving her breasts clearly visible. I took a couple of quick candid shots standing next to the car. She crabbed my belt and pulled me closer. There was nobody around. She pulled my cock out and locked her mouth around the head of it. She grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper down her throat letting out an audible groan. It was so hot I couldn't last and my cum filled her mouth. She swallowed it all. She looked up at me. I got several pictures of her with my cock in her mouth, my cum drooling down her chin, and a smile on her face.

Absolutely fucking amazing!

To be continued...

The Boss's Wife Ch. 02

Chapter 2

Incredible to Sharing -- The Hook

As the relationship developed into a shared desire to have as much sex as possible and live out her fantasies, I set the stage to protect myself from any difficulty should there be a falling out. As it turns out, she didn't need much convincing. This is a true story and its mine.


"I'm yours now. You own me to use as you wish for whatever or with whom ever you wish. Only one other has ever had my ass before you, but it was a long time ago, long before I met Greg and when I wasn't old enough to know any better. Now, it's for you to use!"

That's what she had said as she fell asleep curled up next to me. I had just experienced the most amazingly wanton woman in my life -- she clearly craved sex. She had fucked with wild abandon and wanted as much of it as she could take. I had heard about women like that, but never had the pleasure of meeting one.

The danger was obvious. She was my boss and another man's wife. I wasn't sure I should care. Obviously she didn't. But I had to be cautious and make sure I had enough information and documentation so she wouldn't use any of what we might do against me.

As I laid there I formulated a plan that would accomplish what she wanted: to widen her sexual experiences and live out her fantasies; and one that would provide me with incontrovertible evidence to use against her should I need to. It was a cold approach but I have always been prepared for the worst and happy when it doesn't happen. It's called survival.

I decided I needed to arrange for some adventures for Gail that escalated to ever more daring exploits. I could start with some pictures of her outdoors completely nude, or exhibiting herself in a public place, or even having sex; then progress to group sex with, shall I say, 'socially unacceptable' people I had grown up with in New York; and then an all out gang bang which I was sure she would enjoy. I had friends with connections in the pleasure and entertainment business that could provide actors to keep her sexually motivated and feed her desire for hard and fast and often. And I had recently purchased a bunch of electronics, much of which I installed at my place, to provide undeniable evidence of the debauchery she clearly wanted to experience - voluntarily.

As I fell asleep I counted my luck at having the opportunity for incredible sex and the means to guarantee its availability.

I was awakened by Gail's sucking my dick with relish. I thought -- might as well start her journey now.

"Have you ever considered having sex in front of other people - some of whom might even participate?"

She took my dick out of her mouth, licked the tip and looked up at me.

"You mean like swinging or group sex? I suppose that would be the next step after being nude in public! I mean, think about it, once they have seen everything what the hell is the difference? I have often thought about how interesting it would be but never had a partner that was willing. Why? Have you ever done that?"

"In my travels I have collected all sorts of people, some more free sexually than others but all pretty open about it. And yes, I have played in group situations quite a bit with various partners -- some private homes and some swing clubs. I think you might really enjoy the experience and I would be happy to introduce you to that lifestyle when you are properly motivated."

"You mean by motivated that I just had, or want, my brains fucked out? I'm ready now."

"You could take it like that but, no, that's not what I meant. That lifestyle has rules and social codes that are there to protect the participants -- not only physically but emotionally as well. The idea of physically sharing your wife, husband or significant with another person is not something anyone ever taught you is acceptable. A lot of people wash out of the encounters because they have difficulty adjusting to that social code and rules. Some wash out because they conclude they were doing it for the wrong reason. Some quit because the initial purpose they wanted to experience didn't have the effect they thought."

"I'm not sure what you mean by "didn't have the effect they thought".

"It's true that many just want to fuck their brains out or live repressed fantasies, but it's surprising how many couples enter the lifestyle to experience new sex partners, or just to watch other people having sex, in order to share their sexual appetites or spice up their own sex. It takes very secure relationships and extremely mature people to accomplish that. A lot of the time it ends badly with fights, cheating, or total breakups."

"Cheating? -- That's bullshit -- what the hell do they think is going on when someone else's dick is in their wife -- or whatever?"

"You're scripted -- it's a different social rule. Let me give you an example. A husband and wife go to a party knowing there will be swapping or whatever. Husband watches wife fucked by three other men and then his wife watches him fucked by three other women. That's not cheating -- it's acceptable because they both know about it, and consented to it beforehand. No surprises or secrets. Two days later the woman hooks up with one of the guys that fucked her at the party at a hotel room at 2 in the afternoon and they have a little private party. That's cheating because the other spouses didn't know or consent to it."

"Oh I get it! If the spouse knows it isn't cheating or if the spouse doesn't know it is. I can see that -- cool. So what I am doing is cheating because Greg doesn't know I'm sucking on this lovely dick of yours! Give me another rule."

"Ok. "No" really means know "no". At a party, regardless of how dressed or undressed everyone is, if you want to touch someone or even get into their personal space, you have to ask permission. If you want to do 'anything' you have to ask the person their permission. If the answer is yes, you limit yourself to what you asked for, don't escalate to anything else without permission or some sign of unmistakable encouragement. If the answer is 'no', then that's the end of it. I have seen people and couples expelled because they broke that cardinal rule."

"That's a great safety net then?"

"Yes it is and it seems to get everyone to relax into the relationships and stress less about the immediate sexual gratification. Late night or over night ones can get pretty intense but the people there are usually the ones in the lifestyle for a long time and who know each other very well. Many party privately in between events."

"Can someone go just to watch others and stay fully dressed?"

"Newbies often do for their first party. They lock into their voyeur side. It's internal and doesn't implicate anyone else. If they handle that then often they go on to being undressed and even having sex in public with their partner. Much later they may get into sharing."

"I think I would like to try some of that."

"I was pretty sure you would as part of living out your fantasies. But let's try to reduce your inhibitions some more before we enter that lifestyle. Being comfortable about being publicly naked and being sexual in front of, or with, total strangers is different. That ease about public sex is an important part of the comfort level at a gathering."

She laughed. "That's a joke - I don't have many inhibitions."

"I think you have a couple. Like how about public sex?"

"I've been naked around people before -- remember the spa?"

"Sure - but that's a controlled environment. How about fucking at a park or at the beach or even in a parking lot in broad daylight?"

She looked at me for a long moment trying to decide if I was serious.

"Are you kidding? People get arrested for that."

Now it was my turn to chuckle.

"See what I mean? Isn't that the challenge and perhaps the thrill? People have sex in public to either get the excitement from the chance they will be caught or because they are just plain exhibitionists and want people to watch. Either way they get off on it and that's the point of it. "

"That not only sounds wicked but it sounds like a dare. Careful, I may call you on it!"

"You can take it any way you wish -- but the fact of the matter is I think you should try it a couple of times to get used to the idea and see how you like it."


"OK? That's it? No fuss? Just OK?"

"You know I'm game for almost anything that doesn't involve pain, embarrassment of my family or results in a divorce. I'm not sure about the public sex but why not some flashing -- as long as it's somewhere that people don't know me or you!"

"How do you feel about my memorializing it with a camera?" .

"Depends where the pictures or whatever end up. I want all the copies and the negatives. I trust you but I know what a rogue you can be!"

"Ok." I said almost immediately.

"OK? That's it? No fuss? No argument? No pleading? Just OK?"

"Hey, this is for you - not me -- so sure. You want it a little kinky. It'll be cool to take some pictures and then view them later on and they are yours to take home or destroy. What do you think."

"If it's really a lot of fun, and they come out really good, maybe you can just fuck the shit out of me afterwards."

"Sounds like a dare or a plan -- not sure which."

"Nope -- it's a promise! That'll be for you and me baby -- just uninhibited wild and physical sex-till-you-drop!"

And so, with almost no effort, I had set the hook because I had something she didn't know about. When downloading my digital camera -- my computer is set to make two copies simultaneously -- one on the local computer and one on the redundant computer hidden away in the closet.

"So when are we going on this little adventure. A girl has to get prepared. I need to shop for just the right thing not to wear!"

"Let's set it for the conference we have next week. Greg will be up the coast and we can make the meeting into our little getaway. We'll be gone the entire time anyway!"

"I like that idea. We'll take your SUV and enjoy the ride."

"Good idea. In the meantime I can get my camera gear ready. When we get back we can download them here and see how they all turned out. We could practice a little on the trip out as well."

"Practice? How's this gonna work?"

"Well, it's simple. You do the flashing, I take the pictures, we share them and have some fun."

"Oh I get it -- OK I'm in! But you have me worked up over the thought of it all. So come here stud -- moma needs some of your big dick!"

She reached over and grabbed my cock with both hands. I was hard in about two seconds. I reached over and was amazed to find her pussy was soaked. When I touched her clit she jumped and when I stuck two fingers in she groaned.

"I am so ready and so apparently are you!" S

he sat up, straddled me cowgirl style and literally plunged me into her. She rode me hard then, taking my dick as far as it could go and almost all the way out. Over and over she pounded herself until she couldn't hold off any longer and came. I could feel her juices leak out around my dick and soak me and the bed. She must have cum a gallon.

"Nice -- real nice. Never thought that a little imagination could get me excited, but I guess I'm a little more ready than I thought" she said through her breathlessness as she rolled off. She bent over and sucked me back and down into her throat and worked my balls and dick in with her tongue and throat muscles. Fucking amazing feeling. Satisfied I was hard enough and lubed enough, she flipped around, spread her cheeks and backed her ass onto my waiting cock. She rode me again -- with even more abandon. I didn't last very long. As I came in her ass she hollered out her own orgasm.

"A girl could get used to this" she said with that Cheshire cat smile. "Shit, I gotta get cleaned up and get home. Can I use your shower or do I need to go to the gym?"

"Bathroom is clean and there a fresh towels in the closet. Help yourself."

"I love a guy that's prepared" and off she went.

She didn't take long and came out of the bathroom fully dressed and ready. Without as much as a goodbye she was out the door.

To be continued...

The Boss's Wife Ch.1 (Part 2)

"Oh yeah big boy. Do me deep. Fuck this tramp. Pound me into submission and I will be your willing slave!"

I started a slow and long series of strokes, pulling out almost entirely and ramming it home hard. She squealed and moaned and gasped for breath. She came quickly but I kept fucking her right through it. Her pussy was full and the walls got tighter around my dick but I kept at it. She had another and then another. She was gushing from around my dick and each time I pulled to the tip she would empty more.

"Oh God I haven't felt this fucked in a long time. Whatever you do, don't stop. Keep fucking. Deeper! Deeper. Fuck me. Fuck me. Give me all of what you've got. Stick that big dick in me, punish me with it!"

I slapped her tits and she went crazy with lust so I did it again. She was definitely into the hard stuff. I thought she was hot but I hadn't considered she might be into pain. I grabbed hold of her nipples and pinched and pulled them hard alternating between them. She came almost immediately. I reached down and grabbed her labia between two fingers and stretched them out as far as they could go as I continued to pound in and out of her. She came again. But when I squeezed her clit she came so hard she squirted all over me. She never stopped and neither did I.

"Give me more. Give it to me. Fuck me. Keeping fucking me. Dump your load. I want you to come inside me. Come on baby come for me! Oh fuck oh fuck.... Of fuck I'm coming I'm coming" She started pushing back with each stroke so my bone crushed her clit. Each time she cried in ecstasy.

I finally couldn't hold out any longer, pushed in as deep as I could and squirted more than I had in my entire life. She wrapped her legs around me and held me deep. I could feel the walls of her pussy contracting and pulsing. She was milking me dry and I was loving it. It was some of the hottest sex I had ever had.

After a few minutes, with me still buried deep in her she started with her muscles again. Amazingly I started to get hard again, even after that huge ejaculation. She pushed up and rolled me over onto my back.

"You had your ride. Now its my turn cowboy!"

Still on her knees, she straddled me and sank my dick as deep as it could go. She flexed back, got up on her feet and started to ride my dick up and down faster and faster. Each time she hit the top she squealed and pounded the next time harder. She reached down, grabbed my hands and pressed them to her tits.

"Punish them, I need you to punish my titties. Pinch me, stretch out those nipples till I scream! Squeeze me hard."

I did.

"I said hard!" she screamed as she pumped up and down faster and faster.

With one hand I was pulling on a nipple, stretching out as far as it could go and I grabbed her throat with the other, using a small amount of pressure. She reacted to the kink and started to really go at it, almost jumping up and down, plunging my dick deeper and deeper while she crushed her clit on my bone. Then suddenly, she stopped, dropped down to engulf me and screamed in passion. She came so hard every muscle in her body quivered. She could hardly catch her breath as she pushed load after load of her cum from her pussy. It must have lasted five minutes.

She rolled over which extracted my dick. Then she curled up next to me. I was still hard as I hadn't yet cum again. She just stared at it. She was flushed from head to foot and panting. She smiled a little and reached out her hand and started to slowly stroke me leaving a thumb at the tip massaging the hole then all the way down the shaft to play with my balls. I didn't care about holding back at that point and after her stroking me harder and harder I came all over her hand. She squealed with delight wiping her hand on my stomach.

I lay there trying to sort it out. I just had the best sex I have ever had with someone else's wife who also happened to be my boss. She interrupted.

"So what do you think? Was that as good as I think it was cause I haven't come that hard ever."

"It was nothing short of incredible!"

"Do you want to get used to having this piece of ass whenever you want? I'm so amazed at your stamina I can't begin to express the gratitude. My husband lasts about three minutes when I get crazy like this, and my two other affairs didn't last much longer. And your predecessor was a wimp – he didn't even make the date. What do I have to do for you to make you want to keep doing me like that. I'll do anything you want; and I mean anything; just fuck me like that and I'm yours to do as you wish!"

"Are you saying you want to be my sex slave? That's pretty radical."

"I'll be your slave, your slut, your whore, whatever you want as long as you fuck me like you just did regularly. Do you want a raise, you've got it. More benefits, just ask. Just don't leave me now. You've ruined me. The only thing I won't do is divorce my husband!"

I was thinking fast. "OK. Lets make a new contract for me at the company to effect the raise and benefits complete with a golden parachute clause if you suddenly want to get rid of me."

"Done, do it up and I'll sign it, and I'll manage the spin to Greg and HR."

"You know, anything covers a lot of ground."

"I was hoping you had a really good imagination to go along with that marvelous dick of yours." She started to play with it again. I could feel it getting harder as she wrapped her fingers around it and yanked it sensuously and slowly. " Just don't let me get hurt physically in any way and don't embarrass me in town or have Greg find out and I'm up for trying anything. I want to widen my sexual horizons a little, if you know what I mean." She had me hard again.

I rolled her over on her back, grabbed her ankles and placed them on my shoulders and sank my newly hardened dick into her waiting pussy to the hilt. She gasped in pleasure.

"Oh yeah. Fuck this bitch!"

All I was doing was getting lubed up. After a couple of strokes, I pulled out enough to get some of her cum juice on my fingers. I wiped it onto her ass and inserted one finger ever so slowly, still running in and out with my dick. She was ramping up fast. I stretched her a little and inserted a second finger. She squirmed and pushed back.

"Do my ass like you did my pussy! Please hurry!"

She opened her legs as wide as she could, grabbed her ass cheeks from behind and spread her gash open revealing a very fucked and wet pussy hole and a large ass entrance. I gently pulled out of her pussy and laid the head of my dick at the entrance.

"Yes, do me. OWN ME!"

Without any warning I plunged all the way in, intending on using the pain to get her off. It was easier than I had thought. She must have been using the big black toy in her ass as well. I just started pounding away, driving my entire length in and out harder and faster. All she did was moan and rock her hips to get me deeper with each penetration. I pinched her clit and felt her cum as I continued. She started whipping her head back and forth as she grabbed her tits and pulled on her nipples yelling for me to fuck her ass over and over.

She came again, large, and I couldn't hold back either. I dumped another large load, only this time in her ass. After a minute I rolled over in exhaustion. She curled up next to me and put her hand on my chest.

"I'm yours now. You own me to use as you wish for whatever or with whom ever you wish. Only one other has ever had my ass before you, but it was a long time ago, long before I met Greg and when I wasn't old enough to know any better. Now, it's for you to use!"

To be continued

The Boss's Wife Ch.1 (Part 1)

If I decided to really start at the beginning of this story, it started with a handshake – not with her but with her husband Greg. I had been called for an interview by his search firm and when I was introduced, and we shook hands, I knew I was going to work with him. It was visceral. Two hours later I was offered the VP position. I started the following week. This is a true story and its mine.

When I arrived for my first day I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by the office staff and the boss's wife. She was about 45 or so, 5'4" with a well maintained body, proportional breasts, trim figure, cute little ass, shapely legs and a bright smile. To say the least she was extremely attractive.

Over the next couple of weeks as I got settled into the new position, I had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time with her. Let's call her Gail for these purposes. We shared some physically close moments that, when I reflect backwards on it, were probably uncomfortable for both if us – we both recognized the attraction and the sexual tension.

Me? I'm 46 years old, about 6 foot tall and I try to stay in shape with a weekly workout and regular golf. Some months I need to lay off the big meals and spend more time at the gym. I had been divorced from my wife for about three years and had decided I needed a personal life change. So I quit my job and moved about as far away as possible to someplace where I knew no one. After three months of searching I had finally landed a job.

So back to Gail. Our first real physical connection was actually in public at a Memorial Day party at their home. I was greeted with a warm and firm hug, which I reciprocated. Her body was completely against mine which allowed me the opportunity to feel the outcome of her regular workouts and the subtleness of the rest. I reacted like any other red-blooded horny America guy. I was hardening almost immediately and backed away to avoid any embarrassment. She looked up to my face, locked onto my almost black eyes, smiled with what I could only call an invitation, and left.

I've been around a little and I recognized some of the signals she was sending and there is no question in my mind she knew she was sending them. I like to flirt but what she did was more like a challenge. I made sure the next time I saw her that day was when I said good bye and thank you.

The following weekend, about 6:30PM on Saturday my cell phone rang. It was Gail and she was obviously drunk. She was crying about a fight she had with Greg and how hard she worked at pleasing him and how she didn't think he loved her anymore. I talked with her for about an hour reassuring her until she finally calmed down. I inquired if she was ok and she answered she was and thanked me. She closed by saying how grateful she was to have me as a friend. Then she added "how come some lucky woman hasn't latched on to you?"

"I've been married twice, neither worked out very well. So for now, I'll just having some time for myself. I really enjoy living alone. I have a nice place, plenty of help, and company if I want some."

She laughed. "I'm sure you do! I'll bet they're lining up! Thanks again" and hung up.

I didn't see or talk to Gail for almost two months after that. Then one night the phone rang. She was drunk and at their cabin in the mountains. Her husband was at their other house. I learned they had another fight and I really didn't want to play referee for my boss and his wife. But, being the kind of guy I am and the position I was in, we went through a lot of the same conversation as the first time.

"You are so good at calming me down and getting me to see clearer. How come you are willing to do this with me?" she asked.

"Well, I like both of you and I consider you friends. If I can help you guys smooth out the road, I'm willing to do that or at least try by listening. Besides for the money I spent getting in touch with me and the world, the least I can do is share it."

"Does he talk to you too?"

"No, not at all about anything personal."

"Well OK then" and she hung up. Strange and getting stranger.

She was in and out of the office about once a week thereafter and made sure she came into my office to say hello. It would always start with a hug and each time they seemed to get longer and longer, not that I complained. She would often close the door and "want to get something off her chest". Each time it was an apology for her calls or her actions. I made light of it and suggested we let it go.

During that time she would call to talk about things. Each time the topic was about issues she was struggling with and seeking some advice or just needed someone to listen. Each time she was sober.

The next time she called drunk was two months later. This time the conversation went from weird to sexual and back to weird and back to sexual. The sexual innuendo part was a new plateau. It was pretty tame as phone sex goes, talking about how nice my lips were and how she thought I would be a good kisser, what a nice body I appeared to have, etc. etc.. She was embarrassed and wanton all at the same time. She quickly closed off with "I love you – but not in that way".

Notwithstanding this new plateau and her closing admission, I put it out of my mind. She was drunk after all. Until two weeks later. Her husband had gone away with their oldest boy for a long weekend. Their youngest was away at prep school. She was alone for the weekend and another cell phone call came. Had I thought about it, it wouldn't have been a surprise, but this time she was crying. I hate that – a woman crying. There isn't a guy in the world that isn't at least marginally helpless in that situation.

She started out soft and almost whimpering. But the topic wasn't either and she was slurring her words.

"I'm playing with my pussy. Have you ever played with a very wet pussy. Mine is absolutely drenched. I've been playing with it for most of the day, I'm hornier than hell, and I had to share with someone – even if its fantasy. I even shaved myself for the occasion."

"What's going on here Gail?" I asked almost speechless at her admission.

"I wanted to feel like a woman. I needed to be sexual. I had to have a release, and so I did myself. I can't get anyone else around here to do it! So I bought this big black toy that has a buzzer and its fabulous! Not a substitute but it'll do in a pinch." And she started chuckling.

I was in dangerous territory. "I'm not sure I need to know this!"

"I want you to. I trust you to keep this as our little secret. I love you but not like that!"

"Then how?" She ignored me.

"Where are you right now?"

"I'm at my house in the living room."

"Are you alone?"


"Take your clothes off for me. Grab your thing and play along with me."

"Gail – no!" Trying to be as mannerly and forceful as I can. She kept right on going.

"I want you to take your clothes off to help you get in the mood!"

"I don't think that's a good idea" I answered.

"Why not? I bet you've thought about me naked – I have about you – and you're probably getting hard already thinking about what I'm doing to myself but let me describe it anyway. I'm lying here on the bed, completely naked with my legs spread as wide as I can. My knees are up near my shoulders. Can you picture it? I can see myself in the mirror across from the bed and my big black toy is stuffed in my bald cunie as far is I can take it. "

"Listen – we shouldn't be doing this."

"Oh yes we should and a lot more if I had the balls! Now take your dick out and yank yourself."


"The buzzer is on high and it's got me really near the edge. I'm rubbing my clit raw with my hand to get off again. I've cum six times today already and I'm going for a record! Now come on – help me out here!"


"Well here it is then. I really hate to be obvious and certainly don't like being crass or pulling rank. But I am drunk and can say whatever I want. You can call it sexual harassment if you wish, but I own the company. It was my grandfathers and my dads. So he works for me just like you do. So if you like your job, and the money and benefits you will be getting, you'll agree to your new assignment."

Well when she put it like that. "And what are the new job functions?" as if I hadn't guessed. Then I heard it. She screamed loudly that she was coming and she was sobbing and laughing and gasping for breath all at the same time.

"Number seven – FINALLY!" and she hung up.

About an hour late she called back.

"Here is your first assignment. Leave work about lunchtime tomorrow. There is a file on my desk, you have a key to my office I know. Bring it out to the ranch. Think you can manage that?"

I wasn't sure I wanted to do it but she wasn't asking. " Sure, see you tomorrow!"

I told staff I would be a while for lunch and drove the seventeen miles up to the ranch. It sat on 14 acres on a hill with a panoramic view the valley below. The nearest neighbor was almost a half-mile away.

As I knocked on the door I heard a thud and a crash of glass, and then nothing.

"Gail – are you there?" Nothing – so I turned the knob and found it was unlocked. I opened the door and saw Gail sprawled out on the floor with a broken bottle of wine. It had started to spread and the robe she was wearing was soaking it up. I rushed over to her to see if she was all right. She was out cold so I pulled her away from all the broken glass and picked her up. As I did her robe fell open and she was wearing only a see-thru bra and equally see-thru thong.

I found my way to her bathroom, leaned her up in a chair and cleaned up the wine all over her face, neck and chest. I carefully took off the robe and found no other wine so I put her in bed under the covers. She had a fabulous body and it was all I could do not to take a longer tour by braille.

I went back for a towel. For the next half-hour I cleaned up the mess in the front hallway, threw her robe and the towel in the wash so as they wouldn't stain, and put up a pot of coffee. I checked on her a couple of times but she was still asleep. There didn't seem to be any bruises on her head so I figured she was all right.

I took a tour of the ranch house as I drank a cup of the coffee I had made. The views from all the rooms were spectacular, especially the great room with its floor to ceiling stone fireplace and triple wide slider. The house had a wrap-around porch to take advantage of the views which had been carefully furnished with overstuffed chairs and couches.

After about an hour I checked on her again to make sure she was resting ok. I went back out on the porch and settled into a large chair with another cup of coffee and tried to decide what to do next. She made the choice for me. I heard the rustle of her come up behind me. She was in a fresh robe and holding a cup of coffee. She had washed her face and brushed her hair out as well. She was beautiful even without her normal makeup. She was obviously a little uncomfortable.

"Did you put me in bed?"

"I did and cleaned up the hallway as well. The robe and towels are in the wash so the wine wouldn't stain them and the file is on the kitchen table."

"Thanks. I suppose you saw what you saw, huh?" She was blushing some.

"If you mean you in your underwear it wasn't like I had a choice except to leave the robe on."

"They are pretty revealing huh?"

"Yes they are. But you look pretty good in them. I'm normal when it comes to appreciating something beautiful. Uhhh.... I probably shouldn't say that."

"Its OK and thanks. I like to feel feminine and sexy even if no one can see it."

She paused for a while and I wasn't sure where this was going so I stayed mute.

"I really want to tell you how much I appreciate your help today with this and you being able to keep this confidential. You really are a good guy and I don't know what we would do without you at the company now. You certainly have made yourself indispensable in a lot of ways -especially for me. But you should probably go."

"Are you sure you'll be able to manage?"

"I'm fine, the coffee has helped my headache. Hangover. Whatever. And Greg will be here in about an hour." As I stood she gave me a long full bodied hug and a small kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for being a gentleman" she whispered in my ear.

Things seemed to quiet down for a while. I didn't see much of her or even talk to her. Then she must have had a bad day because about 10 PM my phone rang. She didn't sound drunk.

"Here is your next assignment. Leave work early tomorrow and tell Mandy (the receptionist) you have a meeting at the bank to finalize our new line of credit. Go to the Victoria's Secret store at the West Mall and I'll meet you there about 4. Don't be late!" and she hung up.

I hadn't had a chance to even respond. Well, I thought, that's pretty harmless and relatively tame. It's a public place. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Promptly at 4:00 I arrived at the store and Gail was already there. She had a few things on her arm. She looked up and smiled and with the twist of her head motioned for me to follow her to the back or the store and into the dressing area. She opened the door to one and quickly pushed me in. There was just enough room for the two of us to stand because of the bench. She hung up the clothes on the hooks and turned to me.

In a whisper she said " I want your opinion on these clothes."

"Ok" and I sat on the bench. I leaned back against the wall. She was about as brazen as could be. She teased by slowly unbuttoning her blouse, then slipping it off her shoulders and hanging it on a hook. She was braless and her nipples were as hard as rocks and her tits and neck were flushed. All the time she stared directly at me and smiled at my growing discomfort.

"Like what you're seeing. Not like you haven't see it before you know!"

She turned slightly and unzipped her skirt allowing it to fall to the floor. She had been pantyless as well. Her bush was now shaved into a "V" pointing directly to her opening as if you wouldn't know where it was. Her pussy had large full lips that opened slightly, like a tulip, and she was obviously excited. She put her hands behind her head, lifted her tits up and twirled slowly to give me a good look. She had a fantastic body and she was showing it off. Obviously she didn't suit up to sunbathe. And more - she must have come to some kind of a decision regarding me.

"You like?"

"Yup!" was about all I could get out. I was hard as a rock and she knew it. She reached downed and stroked my dick through my pants. I grabbed her hand.

"Just checking! Wanted to make sure you weren't lying." She kept at it. I reached up to squeeze her tits and she slapped my hand away.

"Look but no touch." She reached up and took a nighty off the hook and pilled it over her head. After checking herself out in the mirror, she turned to me.

"Well? What do you think?"

"Revealing and sensual!"

"OK – I'll buy this one." She took it off and tried on the next one, then the next one and then the next. Each time she modeled for me and they got skimpier and more revealing. The last one was see-thru and left nothing to the imagination. After taking that one off. She calmly pulled on her blouse and her skirt, adjusted herself in the mirror and opened the door. I still had an enormous tent in my pants. She walked out, up to the register and paid for her purchases. About five minutes later I followed her out only to notice she was no longer there. I just went to my car and went home.

Two days later, a Friday, she called again.

"You know where the Valley Inn Spa is – the clothing optional resort. I'll text you the room number. Be there tomorrow!"

"Listen Gail, are you sure about this because I'm not?"

"When I hugged you I felt your dick press against me, I was sure then. When I grabbed you at Victoria's Secret I confirmed you have a nice dick, and I want all of it. If you are as good in bed as you are at the company I am going to be a very happy woman and, as a result, you will be a very satisfied man! Do you have a problem with any of that?"

"Do I get a vote about this?"

"Not if you like working there."

"Why the spa?"

"Because I will be there all day anyway."

"We'll talk some more about it tomorrow." Dumb answer but all I could come up with. She had already hung up. Well I guess I was in it up to my neck. She was the boss and headstrong and I needed the job. So I resigned myself to whatever I had to but I was determined to limit it to only this once. I went out and bought a paper and started looking for another job.

As instructed and at the appointed time, I drove to the spa. On my phone was a text from her with room 101 and instructions on where to park and how to get to the room so I didn't have to go through the lobby. I parked as instructed and walked through the garden gate that was closed but unlocked. As soon as I was through, I knew I was overdressed. I had on the only clothes among about 35 people – all in various stages of repose getting sun or a massage or whatever. I ignored the stares and as casually as possible walked to the room.

The door was slightly ajar and I heard Gail say "come on in – I saw you arrive! I'll be right out."

I entered the room and shut the door. The room was more like a large suite at a five star hotel. It had its own living area complete with bar and 40" LCD TV, and a double door leading to the bedroom. I could here the shower running. Fuck it, I walked into the bathroom and saw Gail taking a shower. I stared at her body – it looked incredible all wet. Her nipples turned up from her firm tits, she had shaved the "V" off, her muscles were all firm but the curves were all there. As if she hadn't noticed me being there, she turned and bent over to get some shampoo and I got a great view of her ass and pussy. I was hard immediately.

If I was going to quit, I might as well enjoy myself while I could so I shucked my clothes and walked into the shower behind her. She jumped (I think a little too contrived) and squealed with delight. Then she just smiled. "I like a guy who knows what he wants! You want some of this honey? And by the way – I'm stone sober." She reached up, wrapped her arms around me and gave me one of the most sensual and passionate kisses I have ever had. She dropped her hand and grabbed hold of my dick.

"OOOO – nice. I've wanted to do this for months. Can I have some of this?" She bent over and sucked me into her mouth in one fluid motion. She pumped me with her hand and then sucked me all the way down her throat and back, over and over. I grabbed her hanging tits and pinched her nipples hard.

"Oh more!. Pinch them harder, give them babies a good squeeze!"

I did as she asked and she moaned in delight as she continued her oral onslaught. I turned off the shower, pushed her to vertical, picked her up and carried her to the bed. She was kissing my neck and ear and whispered how much she had fantasized about this moment.

"Oh this is really going to be fun" she yelled as I threw her on the bed. She splayed out with her legs wide and leaned up on her elbows giving me a great view of her entire body. She reached down and started playing with her pussy, alternating with licking her fingers. I stood and watched, amazed at the sexual brazenness of the woman.

"Come on you big stud! I can tell you want some of this pussy cause your big thing is as hard as a lead pipe. Come fuck this thing till I scream uncle!" I wasn't sure what had prompted this but I wasn't going to ask at that moment.

I walked to the bed, grabbed her ankles, pulled her to the edge and spread her legs around my shoulders. I lined up my dick and teased her a little at the entrance to what was obviously very ready. She was having none of it and, using her legs for leverage, pulled me into her. I lost balance and fell on top, ramming into her waiting pussy with my entire length and touching her cervix with the tip. Man was she wet and hot.